Kimono picture & cooking(sushi, wang tang, etc.) program

Take pictures in kimono, visit a shrine and try Japanese cooking (sushi, wang tant, side dishes) 4 hours program.

10:00 Meeting, 10:15 learning how to wear kimono 11:00 going to a shrine/street for photo shooting 12:00 cooking lesson 13:00 lunch 14:00 finishing program. (¥9300/person) More information at the bottom.

Sushi rice : Cooking rice with a less water than usual, mixing powder vinegar, sesame, etc.
Don’t press the rice, not too much mixing but try to get air between rice.
Put vinegar rice into a inari (thin sliced cut tofu cooked with sugar and soy sauce.
This bag is used to hold the sushi rice.
Inari-zushi is the most popular picnic food in Japan as well as rice ball Onigiri, or sandwitch. I myself, used to bring Inagi-zushi, that my mother made.
Normally only vinegar rice however sometimes chopped lotus and carrot might be inside mixed with the rice too. I like that crunchy bite.

Place: Ichigaya(Shinjuku City) in Tokyo. For no-smoking adult only. No children’s kimono prepared. Reservation (minimum 3 days before). Payment by credit card. Contact:

Dancing in Kimono in Tokyo. Private lesson. Culture visa application.


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